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With the new Resources module, we would like to see a Resources Tools similar to the Post Tools that would allow us to search a list of resources (think document depository for our school district) that users could then search for tag or words in the title, etc. and have it show them the resources in the whole list that match their search.
  • Hana Brake
  • May 9 2018
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    Alex Wack commented
    May 09, 2018 20:56

    Hi Hana,

    The ability to add a "Resource Tools" element to a page, allowing site visitors to search for Resources contained in a linked Resource element  is not only a great idea, but something we're already looking at. We believe the best practice for handling documents on your website is create central document "libraries", built out and managed in a Collection in the Resources module. Providing visitors with the ability to search for Resources in that collection will make it as convenient for visitors to find documents as it is for admins to manage those documents.

    Appreciate your feedback!


  • Guest commented
    July 25, 2018 18:58

    I really like the idea of including tags for each photo in our Resources. Is there a way for you to generate a list of all the tags I put in? Maybe the database behind the Resources could generate a report of all the tags into, say, an Excel spreadsheet. Such a list might help my colleagues who might need ideas for tags for their photos.