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Able to create an automatic archive folder we can post on our website

We use the email system to send out emails to all different constituents.  In E-Notify we have the folder system to file emails into those folders.  Then we would post those folders onto an archive page which allowed constituents to view old emails.  This was used frequently by our parents with our newsletters and alumni for emails on reunions or events.


I can not find a way to post a list of tagged Messages onto a page or have it automatically update as each email that is sent with that tag is sent.  I would like to see a filing system that would be easy to post on a page like E-Notify had.

  • Angie Frigge
  • Jan 11 2019
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  • Angie Frigge commented
    11 Jan 19:14

    Why did this post as a guest?  I am logged into the system.  This is time #2 for this.

  • Admin
    Daisey Fahringer commented
    11 Jan 19:49

    Hi Angie,

    Thank you for taking the time to share this. We do have a "Messages" element that should be enabled on your site when Messages is enable. We did find an issue recently where this element was not being enabled correctly. I have updated it so your site has the "Messages" element. This element should allow you to display a list of messages sent to a list and/or tagged with a specific tag on your site. 

    Also, it looks like for some reason your email address was not associated with a first and last name for I have updated this for you.

    Thanks again!