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Send Message to Multiple Lists

We need the ability to send a message to multiple lists. We know our community best and should have the power and trust to make decisions on how and when we want to communicate with our community—not our website vendor. Finalsite provides us the tool but we get to decide how and when to use it that best fits our community.

  • Tove Tupper
  • Jan 8 2019
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    Daisey Fahringer commented
    08 Jan 19:56

    Hi Tove,

    Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback. While Finalsite does not want to dictate how and when you communicate with your community, we do have an obligation to help ensure our product is able to meet various web securities and standards. For this reason, marketing emails are only able to send to one list, as lists should be "topic based" to help schools comply with the various anti-spam laws.

    Several anti-spam laws mandate that recipients know what types of messages they are subscribing to and unsubscribing from. If a list is titled "All Parents," then this is not clarifying the types of messages recipients on this list will receive. If a list is titled "Weekly Newsletter" or "Alumni News & Announcements," just to give a couple examples, then recipients on these lists know that they are going to be receiving messages about the newsletter or alumni news. In addition, each of these lists could contain the same recipients.

    Topic-based lists not only help meet the requirements of various SPAM laws, but they also help with your school's sender score ratings. When messages are sent to non-topic based marketing lists, users have a higher tendency to unsubscribe or mark your email as spam. For example, let's say you create an "All Parents" list. You send your first message to this list about an upcoming school play performance. There might be a few parents who do not feel that this type of communication is relevant to them. So, they unsubscribe, mark your email as spam, or, worse, globally unsubscribe from all future school communications. Now, when you go to send a second email to "All Parents," the individuals who unsubscribed before will not receive this important communication. The more users you have unsubscribe, or mark your email as spam, the more likely your emails will be marked as spam initially and will not land in recipient inboxes.

    In order to get the most out of Messages, using topic-based lists will allow your users to get the information they need and avoid getting info they don't.

    Also, with Messages, we have introduced the concept of "Operational" emails. This allows you to send an operational message (school closings, calendar updates, transportation changes, and other critical issues) to a group of individuals without creating a list. Please be cautious when using this type of message as it does not allow for individuals to unsubscribe and it ignores anyone's global unsubscribe settings.