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Find Recipient - by name

What if I need to find a recipient but do not know their email address? Or their entire email address (it seems you have to have all of it to find anyone)?

This seems to happen frequently and the system only allows you to find a recipient by their email address.  Just one recent example: I have a distribution list of individuals we invite to our College Day function - these are people in admissions departments of colleges. Frequently I get a new contact for that school and I add them to the list, but I don't know who the past person (or specifically their email address) was to remove them from the list. I could search their name, as I always include their school to help identify them (i.e.: Mary Smith, Jones State University). If I could search for Jones State, they would pop up, I could then deal with them or fix them or whatever. But at this point I can't find them without scanning through the list for that individual.


it also might be useful to be able to search for a partial email like if I wanted to find out how many people I had on my list from Jones State I could search for what I do know of the email (  @ ) or whatever.

  • Cheri Harwood
  • Aug 21 2019
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  • Guest commented
    21 Aug 16:01

    I completely agree. The fact that you cannot search by name is very frustrating.