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Allow adding BCC to Messages

A feature allowed in eNotify that we greatly used in making sure certain members, outside of mailing lists, could receive notifications.  Could this feature be added in Messages?

  • Chris Palombi
  • May 7 2019
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  • Admin
    Daisey Fahringer commented
    August 26, 2019 18:11

    Hi All,

    I just wanted to thank everyone for sharing their ideas, examples, insights, and votes on this feature. We are working on a way to notify others who are not on the list that a message was sent.

    Also, we are updating the automatic "successful send" notification to not only go to the person who created the message, but also to send to the Reply-To email address. If you would like to be notified when that feature is released, please vote on the "Notify Reply-To Address of Successful Send" idea.

    We hope to have these enhancements out within the next few weeks. If you haven't already, voting on this idea will also automatically notify you when the feature has been released.

    Thanks again!

  • Guest commented
    August 21, 2019 20:46

    We need this so that the email that is set in the "Reply To" field in Messages once the email has gone out? In eNotify, that address would automatically get the send notification. In Messages, it appears that only the user who created the message gets the send notification. 

  • Janet Thorson commented
    August 21, 2019 17:25

    Why would you not include this, as it is so important.

  • Annie Chambliss commented
    August 21, 2019 16:17

    I agree with the above, but have a similar, yet slightly different request. In eNotify, the email address that was set as the "Reply To" received a notification when the email was sent. In Messages, that notification goes to the user who created the message. It was very helpful to have the send notification AUTOMATICALLY (without adding a bcc) go to the email the Message would "reply to." Very often the person who is setting up the Message is not the person who is the Reply To (e.g. assistants sending out emails on behalf of administrators). It is very helpful for the administrator to know when the email goes out automatically instead of placing the burden on the person who set up the email to tell them. 

  • Leah Schwochert commented
    August 09, 2019 15:11

    Yes please. It is super handy to have.  But we could just create a cc list.


    Thank you.

  • Patty Lynch commented
    August 05, 2019 21:06

    I would like the ability to BCC people AND add multiple lists to an email. Here are my examples:

    The first email I am about to send out from messages are to Grade 12 parents about a retreat. I have several people I need to BCC (Dean, US head, Head of School, secretary of US).

    Almost all our emails that go out to certain groups (ex: Middle School parents about back to school night), are to have the Administrators of the School (about 8 people) on the email. It is easier to just add a second list, then making these 8 people part of every email group.

    I could go on and on with examples.

    Thanks for addressing this concern.



  • Guest commented
    July 22, 2019 20:06

    I'm adding my vote — and a few examples. 

    Each April, our Middle School Head sends an introductory email to our 4th grade families to welcome them to the MS and invite them to Orientation for rising 5th grade students and families. For this one email, he copies our Lower School Head (who does not want to receive the 20 other emails the MS Head sends to his families throughout the year). 

    Another example: Our College Counselors send out bi-monthly newsletters to juniors and seniors. During the first two newsletters each fall, they copy our Head of Learning Support since she is referenced in the email as a contact for ACT/SAT testing accommodations. Again, the Head of Learning Support doesn't want to receive the 15 senior newsletters throughout the year... just the two that requires her assistance for students and families.

    And I reiterate what Amanda said re. copying trustees or the head of school on select emails that are relevant to them, without subjecting them to a large amount of emails from all our division and department heads every week.

  • Chris Palombi commented
    May 31, 2019 16:48

    Very similar to what Amanda stated, as we have often sent emails which we need to add a constituent or two to that email for administrative purposes.  Many times we are the ones creating messages on behalf of someone on the administrative team or board of trustees. 

    In eNotify, we loved having the ability to add specific constituents, or dynamic filters individually, but using BCC ensures those individuals (mainly administrative members who are not creating and sending the message) get a copy of what is sent.  As for tracking delivery, seeing their open rates, click throughs, etc is not as necessary to see.

  • Amanda Beeler commented
    May 13, 2019 19:50

    If I'm pulling a list of parents from certain classes, it won't include those individuals and I don't want them to be on the list to get every message those parents receive. (For instance reminder of a play performance or event, or big news).

    Inability to send one message to multiple lists easily continues to stop me from using Messages for a similar reason. My boss requires all faculty to receive division newsletters regardless of their position (don't shoot the messenger as they don't get read I know). I keep the staff list separate from lists with families and even though it skews my open rate, there is often just not enough time in the day to plan to recreate messages multiple times. (Have already voted on this idea too =.)

  • Admin
    Daisey Fahringer commented
    May 13, 2019 19:38

    Hi All,

    Thank you for sharing this idea. I'm curious why you wouldn't want to add the person to the list instead of remembering to BCC them each time? Could you help me understand what types of mailings you are sending that putting them on the list wouldn't work?

    The BCC field would not give you any kind of information on delivery, open rates, click throughs, etc. It also does not allow for the use of the merge tags for a personalized email. 


  • Amanda Beeler commented
    May 13, 2019 19:33

    This is critical for making sure HOS, trustees etc. see information they are asking for but not on lists for.

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