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Post Pages Available to Anyone with Link Even If Not Visible on Website

I would like a way to replicate something like Youtube's "Unlisted" status for Posts. On Youtube, when a video is Unlisted, it is still available to anyone with the link, but does not appear on your channel or in search results, etc. This is also similar to setting the privacy on a Google doc to be available to anyone with the link. I would love to have the ability for posts to behave this way too. Sometimes, I want to schedule a post for sometime in the future. To coincide with that post, I want to schedule a social media post to share that corresponding news story at the same time. However, since links to post pages are not active on the web until the post is published, you can’t put that link into a social media post (even a scheduled one) until after the post is live. This is because of the way that sites like Facebook and Twitter pull in link previews for shared urls. If I try to set up a scheduled social media post to share a post page before the post goes live, the url will return a 404 error when you paste it into a social media post. To summarize, I would like a way for a post that is not published yet to be visible on the web by anyone with the link.

  • Jack Wilcox
  • Nov 16 2020
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  • Jack Wilcox commented
    16 Nov, 2020 04:51pm

    Another reason this could be helpful is when we need to share unpublished posts within the organization to others who do not have Finalsite logins. Sometimes we need to create a web story and get administration to preview it and sign off on it before we publish it. Because unpublished posts cannot be viewed without a login, we cannot share a link to preview the web story before it is published with anyone who does not have a Finalsite login. We end up just creating all of our posts in Google Docs first and we don't put them into Finalsite until everyone has approved. It would be nice to be able to create posts directly inside Finalsite and share preview links to anyone with the link before it is published.