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Helping Clients move to Resources

Dear FinalSite,

I have been asked by Pam Wallace, my FS rep, to share this idea here. I have already shared it to Pam and also the Support Team. Note that I write this in the spirit of sharing info that I feel is important to FS and their clients.

I just spent almost three work days moving LIVE media from FileManager to Resources. Like FS, I was interested in ONLY moving files that are LIVE on my site. Like Resources itself, this has many advantages both for FS and my school.

I use Adobe InDesign a lot. InDesign is able to tell me the names of the files linked to my document pages and and which page they are linked to.

Why didn't FS develop an algorhythm to do the same thing for their clients? A simple program that would go through a school's website, find the LIVE links to files, and ask the user if they would like to move these files to Resources?

This seems like a small thing to do. Instead, schools all over the world have spent countless hours doing this. I does not sit well with me and frankly, my administrators are honestly questioning why we spend $15,000 on our FS subscription.

To add another layer, FS wants to charge the school $450 to move ONE slideshow from MediaManager to Resources.

IMHO, FS is sending the wrong message to their clients. I was online with a group of schools in Asia the other day and FS was brought up the administrator of another school. They asked the group about alternatives to FS. I will quote them here, "They charge for every little thing."

I look at your pricing for Package 2, 3 and Best in Class and when compared to other program subscriptions like Open Apply, iSAMS and SchoolsBuddy (just to name a few) - FS is expensive, has a few hidden expenses, and doesn't always have the client in mind.

Once again, I am just sharing honestly in hope that this becomes an issue that FS can discuss and take action on.

Thanks for listening,

Terry Donohue

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  • Oct 3 2020
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  • Kim Newell commented
    22 Oct 08:33pm

    Now I'm even more leery of moving to Resources. I thought FS did move the live media. Not looking forward to that.