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Choose Pages to Exclude Page Pops From

I think it would be helpful to have the ability to specify pages where you don't want a Page Pop to show. Currently, the only option is to select the pages you do want it to appear on. While I understand I could just select all the pages except the one(s) I don't want, that gets pretty tedious when there are a lot of sites with a lot of pages.

Scenario - we have a Page Pop that links to a certain page with important information - say registration information for example. The information is important, so we want this Page Pop on every page of the website so that no matter how you enter the website, you will see it. However, we don't want the Page Pop on the page that it links to - for example, the registration page itself. Once you have arrived at the page with the registration info, we don't need the Page Pop showing again (after all, it just links back to that page.) Ideally, we would be able to specify that the Page Pop shows on all pages except that one page. Or, "Exclude Page Pop from the following pages:"

  • Jack Wilcox
  • Sep 19 2020
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  • Harriet Haworth-Lewis commented
    5 Oct 09:41am

    I was literally just about to post this on the suggestions area!

    We have just had to select every single page on our website to deselect one individual page.

    Fingers crossed it is implemented!