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Mange Post Tags

I would love the ability in composer to see a list of all of my tags on a board, filter by tags, delete tags, combine tags--all on the back end. Currently, the only way to see a full list of tags is to create a test page, add the post tool and display all tags. We sometimes have the wrong tags used. I try to go in a switch them out, but then once a tag is used, even if it's been removed, it still starts to auto-fill when you begin typing in your tag. This makes it all that more confusing for staff and more likely for additional errors. Having the ability to manage this better on the back end would save a lot of work.

  • Tove Tupper
  • Apr 3 2020
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  • Sarah P commented
    9 May 05:45am

    Agree with OP and Dan, we desperately need a Tag Management tool. Please...

  • Dan Hudkins commented
    14 Apr 03:39am

    There are tag options in resources, messages, posts and I'm sure other places.
    We are having problems with indiscriminate tag creation resulting in things like "parent"
    Could we rename / alter an existing tag with some kind of find and replace technique that would for example change all "parent" to "parents"
    Is there a way we can limit who can create new tags?
    Can there be a cross-module tag library somehow / somewhere?

  • Catherine Carbone-Rogers commented
    3 Apr 06:17pm

    Yes please!

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