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Add the ability to filter constituent directories with and/or logic

When using the Composer Constituent element, Constituent Filtering option, add the option to define "AND" logic to allow detailed filtering.

As example, school district has group department titled "Guidance" that includes all guidance counselors in the district.They also have a location group for "Bristol Eastern High School" that includes Faculty/Staff users.

When defining user members for directory page they want to select location "Bristol Eastern High School" AND department "Guidance" as filtering rule.

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  • May 15 2018
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  • Andrew Hagen commented
    June 05, 2019 15:39

    This would be fantastic! Instead, what I have to do now is create groups and sub-groups and the ability to add an "ADD" would save me time and confusion!

  • Guest commented
    June 05, 2019 15:14

    I have multiple districts that really would like this feature as soon as possible. Do you happen to have any eta on when you may start working on implementing this? 

  • Guest commented
    June 11, 2018 18:59

    This idea should be expanded to include multiple operators in the Groups manager (and filters in mailing list). The main issue is that you cannot perform logic that is what I'm calling two records deep. The idea is a simple order of operations so the result of A + B * C is different than (A +B) * C.


    I have an example that comes up every year where we want the parents of the student records who are male. It cannot be done in the current setup of the system intuitively because you're referring to records OF records.


    You end up defining "male student" records by filtering gender = male and group = student, and then you add group = parents because you want the parents. But this is not what the filter says. The filter says group = student and group = parent which is incorrect.


    I have a great work around for my issue but it is just that - a work around. It actually causes some problems itself.


    Looking forward to smarter operational logic in Group Manager filters and filters in mailing lists. I even want something I call "decorators"/"qualifiers" which if you think of everything flowing from large river (i.e. it is the sum of its parts) then one of the rivers branches can be referenced but is not itself it's own river. You can try wrapping your head around it thinking along the lines of me asking you to describe the river. The river is crooked, hot, sticky, fast. These describe the existing river and are not _really_ their own rivers/subgroups.