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Don't Allow Saving an Image Without Alt Text

Since accessibility laws require alt text for images, whenever an image is uploaded/inserted in composer, the alt text for image properties should be a required step in the process. The image should not be able to be saved without adding the alt text. By making this happen, there will be less accessibility issues due to someone skipping or missing that information.

  • Beth Silvers
  • Jan 10 2019
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    Alex Wack commented
    16 Jan 20:47

    Hi Beth,

    One of the underlying pillars of our Resources module is to help ensure image and videos resources are accessible for all visitors to a school's website.

    Not only ensuring that images and videos meet legal standards for accessibility but that these resources provide all visitors of your website with equal information about their contents.

    Through user testing and beta feedback we found that simply requiring alt text for all images on upload was not enough of a solution to provide that equal access to information. Instead, we have implemented a number of settings and tools that administrators of the Resources module can use to safeguard their websites from displaying non-accessible image and videos while preventing users from unknowingly adding non-accessible content themselves.

    The first step is to enable the ADA compliance settings in the Resources module:

    These settings will:

    1. Make sure that any Resource image added to your site, outside of the editor, will not appear unless they have alt text set.
    2. Require alt text be specified for any image added to the content of the editor.

    Every image uploaded to Resources can have alt text applied to it when uploaded, or at any time via the info panel: 

    This alt text will then update automatically any place where it is used on your site, outside of the editor's content.

    To make sure all of your Resource images have alt text, you can perform a search for resources in the All Resources view to find all Resource Images without alt text, and even all the Resource images without alt text currently being used on your website!

    All the Best,