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More layout options for calendar events that span multiple days

As a default, calendar events that span multiple days are listed every single day. While this looks alright in a grid format, it looks very cluttered in a list format. For instance, our 8th graders are going on a field trip for an entire week. Thus you see the event listed 5 times in a list view. This is particularly frustrating in our newsletter, in which we use dynamic content to show the 10 next upcoming events. I'm not really sure what the best solution is, however, maybe there's a way to show an event listed once, something like "8th Grade Washington Field Trip May 1Ð5".
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  • Apr 10 2018
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  • SIMON Christian commented
    16 Nov, 2019 09:07am

    We have the same problem here and had to consider a third party solution as a workaround. The grid view is also far from clear. The daily repetition and misalignment of the names of events that span multiple days takes a lot of space on the screen and is confusing. Showing continuity in a visual way would avoid the need for repeating events' names daily. It would also make the start and end dates much easier to identify, in addition to optimise the layout. 

  • Ellen Staat commented
    13 Nov, 2019 08:23pm

    Updating this feature would be really helpful for school breaks! We have the calendar list feature on the homepage of our website and it's annoying when the list just shows every individual date for a multiple day event. It clutters things up and makes it look like we don't how to provide succinct information for our community. It also makes it challenging for parents to see an important chunk of dates at a glance. 

  • Rob Rawcliffe commented
    16 Oct, 2019 12:06am

    We are investigating other ways that we can achieve this kind of functionality. Multiple day events and recurring events that occur at different times and days could be acheived by upgrading Calendar manager. We do not have this kind of upgrade on the roadmap yet, but this would be the kind of feedback that will help us prioritize when a rewrite should occur.

    Thanks for the feedback and the votes on this one.

  • Chad Collier commented
    30 Oct, 2018 07:21pm

    yes! this is very frustrating....what is needed is a custom start date....that would help with the multiple entry problem....also, even if you choose to click recurrence. Yes the tournament would show up in multiple entries, but you cannot have different start times...For instance, if you have a game Friday at 6pm and Saturday at 9am, there is no way to show that in recurrence, unless of course you put in multiple entries for ONE tournament....This needs to be addressed...we will fall back on a hard paper copy for our parents to get adequate information regarding schedules. 

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